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Shofu Beautisealant Beautisealant is a fluoride releasing pit & fissure sealant that seals deep groves and fissures while providing remarkable anti-cariogenic benefits for an all round protection especially during the caries –prone years. It comes with a self etch primer that minimizes any damage to enamel by eliminating conventional phosphoric acid etchant. The HEMA free self etch primer has dual adhesive monomers that penetrate deep into the pits and fissure, to prime the tooth surface for an effective and lasting chemical bond. An efficient , non-drip , fuss-free syringe design and an extra fine 27 guage needle tip enable precise delivery of the smooth, bubble-free sealant without overfilling the grooves and fissures. Packing:- Beautifilsealant Set contains:- • BeautifilSealnt Paste 1.2gm • Beautifilsealant Primer 3ml , • 5 Needle tips • 50 Microbrush Fine (Pink) • 25 V-Dish Dental Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) in Amritsar
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Shofu Beauticem SA Beauticem SA is a self-etch, self-adhesive, dual-cure resin cement that guarantees a simple, fast and reliable adhesion for a variety of substrates ranging from tooth structure (enamel and dentin) to metal, indirect resin and ceramic , without fear of post-operative sensitivity. The dual cure mechanism anchors the restoration through a stable bond and assures adequate polymerization even in area with limited light penetration while totally eliminating the need for phosphoric acid etch. Features:- • It exhibits the highest level of translucency for demanding aesthetic cases. Maximum resin polymerization imparts superior flexural strength and higher resistance to staining with low solubility. • This user friendly resin cement displays optimal viscosity for ease of placement and an extremely thin bonding layer for virtually invisible margins. • The resin cement is suitable for cementation of a wide spectrum of restoration such as those fabricated with reinforced ceramic, porcelain , various alloys: Precious, Semi-Precoius, Non-Precious including titanium, Porcelain fused to metal , CAD/CAM, Indirect resins as well as implant supported prostheses and metal/ resin/ cores. Packing:- Auto-Mixing Syringe 5ml Set Contains:- • 10 Mixing Tips • 1 Step Card Hand-Mix Syringe 9ml Set Contains:- • 1 Mixing Pad • 1 Spatula • 1 Step Card Dental Permanent Luting Material in Amritsar
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