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'ketac fil plus glass ionomer filling material'
Kerr Endodontics' M4 Safety Handpiece has several features designed to aid the endodontic practitioner in efficiently and effectively performing root canal therapy. The watch-winding, oscillating movement of this endo handpiece keeps the hand file "floating" in the canal. The operator controls coronal and apical pressures, while the M4 smoothly and efficiently "glides" the endo instrument through the canal. That's the "Safety" in the M4 Endodontic Handpiece. Specification: 10000 rpm speed Mimics watch-winding motion Greatly reduces fatigue Compatible with most hand files Features: 1. Compatible with most hand files. Both feature a specialized chuck compatible with most hand files. 2. Mimics watch-winding motion. The chuck has been designed to oscillate, mimicking the watch-winding motion used when hand filing. 3. Greatly reduces fatigue. With very little apical pressure, the file smoothly and efficiently "floats" down the canal. The operator controls the pressure without having to manually perform the watch-winding movement
Variotime Easy Bite is a scannable VPS bite registration material that feature the easy , efficient and safe processing from Variotime precision impression material. It is one material but it has multifunctional application . Features: Extra hard : Its very high final hardness of Shore D40 prevents undesirable shifts when you adjust the position of the casts in the articulator. Extremely fast : Variotime Bite offers a working time of 30's and a fast intraoral setting time only 30's . That means convenient yet time saving working for you and high comfort for your patients. Superb Scanability : It also permits powder free 3D data recording of the antagonists for CAD / CAM technology . Distinct thixotrophy : The material avoids flowing off from the occlusal surface into the interdental spaces and enables easy removals from the mouth . It enables you to precisely capture the occlusal surface while saving material. Whipped cream like consistency : Variotime bite assures a resistance free bite without distortion. That make bite registration stress free for you and your patients.
Kulzer Gluma Etch Gel an etching agent based on orthophosphoric acid. It is used to etch enamel and condition dentine in the context of adhesive filling therapy. Features : Clean and easy application. GLUMA Etch Gel is used for enamel etching and enamel/dentine etching using the total etch technique prior to the adhesive bonding of: composite and compomer restorations laboratory-fabricated, indirect restorations (e.g., inlays, crowns, bridges, veneers) sealant. Gluma Etch 35 Gel cotains 35% Phosphoric acid. Application : Prior to treatment, carefully clean tooth with fluoride - free polishing paste. The use of a rubber dam is recommended. Afer preparation in accordance with adhesive filling therapy, rinse the cavity and dry with oil - free air. Starting from the bevelled enamel areas, apply Gluma Etch to the entire cavity surface, including the dentine. Ensure that enamel is etched for at lease 20 sec and no more 30 sec, and that dentine is conditioned for at least 15 sec and no more 20 secd. When using pay special attention to complying with the dwell time on the dentine. Reducing the time 15 sec in these areas is permissible to avoid overetching. if desired, only apply Gluma Etch to the enamel and let set for a maximum of 30 sec. Etch unprepared enamel, e.g. in case of fissure sealing, for at least 30 sec and no more 60 sec. In case of fluorided enamel, etching for no more 60 sec may also required.
Heraeus Kulzer Gluma Smart Composite Combi kit is Light Curing, radio-opaque submicron - hybrid composite . Charisma Smart provides the smart way towards natural everyday restorations. It is an uncomplicated universal composite for everyday restorations with great value. We developed this light-curing, radiopaque filling material to cover your requirements for composite workability. Shades Available in Charisma Combi Kit : A1 , A2 , A3 , A3.5 , B1 , B2
Apex ID Apex Locator by Kerr is a compact and modern apex locator used to locate the anatomical apex during endodontic therapy. This digital apex locator is designed with a user-set zero point and continuous calibration. It offers accurate and uninterrupted readings in real time. The settings on the apex locator are customizable and the provide precise measurements. Apex ID has been designed to work under any canal condition including dry, wet or bleeding canals. It also provides precise measurements in canals filed with saline, EDTA, NaOCl or chlorhexidine. The audible sound signals provide a more intuitive user experience. The device small and easy to use. The measurements are displayed in 0.1 mm are reliable. The weighted base offers better stability of the device. Specification: Cordless power. Optional user-set zero point Easy to read colour display . Weighted snap-in base for stability Features: Customizable settings Accurate measurements Continuous calibration Works in all canal conditions Adapt to ‘point zero’ Sound signals Unstopped readings real time Packaging: Apex ID Kit contains: Apex ID - 1 Apex ID Stand - 1 Lip Hooks - 5 File Clips - 2 File Probe - 1 Probe Cord - 1 Apex ID IFU - 1+B1:B3
Buchanan Hand Pluggers can be used in any common obturation technique, including warm and cold condensation. The pluggers are also ideal for backfilling canals. Use the NiTi end for finishing off condensation procedures in even the most radically curved canals. Either end may condense and control the movement of gutta percha under pressure. In addition, the Buchanan Hand Pluggers are fabricated of the highest grade materials for excellent durability and sterilization. Sizes available in Buchanan Hand Plugger are as : Size 0 , Size 1 , Size 2
Variotime combines outstanding performance and features in VPS impression material. It comes with a variable time concept. Variotime controls the polymeristation kinetic by mouth temperature and sets rapidly after insertion into the mouth. The variotime assortment is a well through out coordinated all round system for all impression technique. Specification: Adaptable handling automatic mixing. Convenient time saving. Features: Straightforward adaptable handling : You get one material with variable applications - for single crowns as well as multi-unit prosthetic restoration. Automatic mixing : With the dynamic speed system you benefit from high speed mixing and precise dispensing also for putty viscosities . Convenient time saving working : You gain more leeway with straight setting time. With variotime you have a varaible working time ranging from 1:00-2:30
Endo Ring by SybronEndo is an Endodontic File Organizer . It is a convenient way to hold endodontic instruments and canal lubricant during a procedure. The EndoRing features an easy-to-read ruler with rubber stop port, allowing quick measurements of files up to 30mm (at 1 and .5mm increments) for both right and left-handed clinicians. The EndoRing as well as the foam inserts are autoclavable
Gluma Self etch 4ml is the new 7th generation one step , one bottle nano adhesive from Kulzer . This all in one bonding agent etches , primes , bonds and desensitizes in one single step. Thus it meets your everybody requirement and demonstrates all characteristics which one important for an uncomplicated and state of the art bonding agent . Some Points are Specified as : Excellent bond strength Supreme marginal sealing No prior mixing No fridge sroage Benefits: One step reliability : The reliability and qualities of GLUMA Self etch is proven by many studies and test results . The innovative formula of GLUMA Self Etch support the excellent bond strength and supreme marginal sealing and it allow treatment even in hypersensitive areas . One step effectiveness : Gluma Self Etch allow you to apply just one layer for etching , priming , bonding plus desensitizing . GLUMA self etch system is immediately efective . Being a ready to use one step adhesive no prior mixing , no shaking , no etching , no fridge storage is necessary. One Step Safety : The chemistry of GLUMA Self Etch allow you to have maximum error avoiding application , even treating hyperactive patient. Just one application step avoids unexpected treatment feature .