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SybronEndo Elements Obturation Unit incorporates advanced technologies involving software, metallurgy, electronics and industrial design with the best elements of System B and a patent-pending motorized extruder. From down-pack to backfill, from filling lateral canals to creating post spaces, the Elements Obturation System puts the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique in one simple-to-operate device. Enjoy consistent, reliable results when blocking a root canal system with an obturation unit that takes up only 1/3 the space of two separate machines. "If you do warm lateral, vertical, or continuous wave condensation or full length syringe filling of canals, the Elements Obturation Unit is the most sophisticated filling device available in the world of endodontics today." Convenient Cartridge Delivery : In the past the cartridges required a wrench to insert and remove them from the extruder handpiece. The cartridges now have finger grips built in and will no longer require the use of a wrench. The cartridges can now be easily inserted and removed with your fingers. As of August 2006, all cartridges will feature the new finger grips. Proprietary disposable cartridges minimize cross contamination risk and eliminate tedious, time-consuming cleanup. Made of silver for excellent heat conductivity, they load and disengage easily. Small Handpiece and Long Needle Maximize Visibility : The handpiece of the extruder is dramatically smaller than previous devices. This streamlined design and the extra needle length provide unprecedented visibility for greater control and accuracy while obturating a root canal system.
Prevest Orafil g is a zinc sulphate cement for provisional filling and temporary insertion of permanent crowns and bridges. Indication: Temporary restoration of cavities in interval between tooth preparation and permanent cementation. Cementing medium for temporary inserting all types of permanent crowns and bridges. Benefits: Non eugenol formulation offers non irritating properties. Resin addition gives high adhesive properties. Quick and void free curing in moist environment. Pulp protecting and bactericidal. Slight expansion of filling material ensures well sealed margin. Excellent adaptability. Simple to apply with filling instrument
Kulzer Gluma Etch Gel an etching agent based on orthophosphoric acid. It is used to etch enamel and condition dentine in the context of adhesive filling therapy. Features : Clean and easy application. GLUMA Etch Gel is used for enamel etching and enamel/dentine etching using the total etch technique prior to the adhesive bonding of: composite and compomer restorations laboratory-fabricated, indirect restorations (e.g., inlays, crowns, bridges, veneers) sealant. Gluma Etch 35 Gel cotains 35% Phosphoric acid. Application : Prior to treatment, carefully clean tooth with fluoride - free polishing paste. The use of a rubber dam is recommended. Afer preparation in accordance with adhesive filling therapy, rinse the cavity and dry with oil - free air. Starting from the bevelled enamel areas, apply Gluma Etch to the entire cavity surface, including the dentine. Ensure that enamel is etched for at lease 20 sec and no more 30 sec, and that dentine is conditioned for at least 15 sec and no more 20 secd. When using pay special attention to complying with the dwell time on the dentine. Reducing the time 15 sec in these areas is permissible to avoid overetching. if desired, only apply Gluma Etch to the enamel and let set for a maximum of 30 sec. Etch unprepared enamel, e.g. in case of fissure sealing, for at least 30 sec and no more 60 sec. In case of fluorided enamel, etching for no more 60 sec may also required.
Buchanan Hand Pluggers can be used in any common obturation technique, including warm and cold condensation. The pluggers are also ideal for backfilling canals. Use the NiTi end for finishing off condensation procedures in even the most radically curved canals. Either end may condense and control the movement of gutta percha under pressure. In addition, the Buchanan Hand Pluggers are fabricated of the highest grade materials for excellent durability and sterilization. Sizes available in Buchanan Hand Plugger are as : Size 0 , Size 1 , Size 2
Kerr Dyad Flow, the first self-adhering composite powered by OptiBond, greatly simplifies your direct restorative procedures by incorporating a bonding agent into a flowable. So, no need to bond separately. Fewer steps saves you time. And Dyad Flow shares the same characteristic inherent in self-etch materials: it reduces the chance of post-op sensitivity. Our leadership in resin restorative dentistry comes after decades of innovation in composites and expertise in adhesives - both of which come together in Dyad Flow. SHADES AVAILABLE : A1 , A2 , A3 , A3.5 , B1 , B2 . Features: Self-adhering: No separate bonding step. Greatly reduces the chance of post-op sensitivity: Shares the same characteristic inherent in self-etch materials. High bond strengths to dentin and enamel: Incorporates clinically proven OptiBond adhesive technology for excellent bonds. Easy handling: Non-slumping property creates an ideal viscosity. Low microleakage : Excellent marginal integrity and reduced voids. Excellent mechanical properties : Long-lasting, durable fills
Every good restoration start with Gluma Desensitizer . One drop of gluma has benn sufficient to reduce and prevent hypersensitivity. The results appearing quickly and effectively without mixing , curing application , your patient feel relief immediately. It can be used with all common adhesive and restoration materials and in every treatment solution. Gluma neither needs to be stirred or light cured . Gluma provides a hermetic seal that acts as a microbial barrier , inhibiting bacterial growth. Specification: No Prior mixing , No shaking , No etching , No fridge stroage is necessary. Benefits: Initial effect , immediate pain reduction. High effectiveness with easy handling Gluma desensitizer straightens collapsed collagen fibers and therefore can improve the adhesive strength of many adhesives. Reduce hypersensitivities of exposed tooth necks not requiring restoration
Heraeus Kulzer Gluma Smart Composite Combi kit is Light Curing, radio-opaque submicron - hybrid composite . Charisma Smart provides the smart way towards natural everyday restorations. It is an uncomplicated universal composite for everyday restorations with great value. We developed this light-curing, radiopaque filling material to cover your requirements for composite workability. Shades Available in Charisma Combi Kit : A1 , A2 , A3 , A3.5 , B1 , B2
MAXCEM ELITE is a Self-Etch, Self-Adhesive Resin Dental Cement. Enhanced Bond Strength : 90% higher bond strengths to dentin than the original formulas, without an adhesive. One-peel clean up : Ensure easier cleanup each and every time. Ease of use: No need to refrigerate, easy cleanup, and no hand mixing required. Compatibility: Compatible with all indirect restorations. Anterior or posterior ceramics, PFMs and metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials. Dual Cure: Efficient self-cure mechanism allows material to set up completely in the absence of light or tack cure.
Kerr SonicFill System enables clinicians to perform posterior restorations that combines the advantages of a flowable composite with a universal composite. The SonicFill System comprises a handpiece that enables sonic activation of a specially formulated and conveniently delivered composite. SonicFill's proprietary sonic activation significantly reduces the composite's viscosity to rapidly fill the cavity. SonicFill reduces time for placement, packing and sculpting restorations. Depth of cure up to 5mm allows to fill in single-step for cavities up to 5 mm. Adapting is possible directly with the tip - filling and adapting without need of packing instruments in one step. Small ergonomic Unidose Tip allows easy access to the cavity Foot switch and 5 dispensing speed settings for control of composite delivery